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Order Forms

Please use the following order forms to submit your fabrication orders to Wamhoff Mobility Lab.

There are two methods of submitting your order form:

1) Online Order Form

2) Printable PDF

Select the corresponding online order form and fill out as much information as possible. Please fill out the order form the same day as you ship your cast/model so that I can order any necessary parts or materials while your cast/model ships to Wamhoff Mobility Lab. The online order form will provide a filled out PDF for you to keep for your records. For the "Printable PDF" option, please email the form to "" If I have those forms prior to receiving your cast/model, I am able to order parts/materials ahead of receiving the cast/model allowing me to complete your order sooner.

If you have any clarifying questions, or would like too order via phone. Please call me at (269)-615-1643. If I am unable to answer, please leave a voicemail or text and I will return the call at my earliest convenience.

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