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Wamhoff Mobility Lab was opened in 2024 by certified prosthetist-orthotist John Wamhoff. I got my start in the field of prosthetics and orthotics in 2015 as a technician while still in my undergraduate degree. I worked as a technician for 2.5 years prior to leaving for Northwestern for to obtain my Master's in prosthetics and orthotics (MPO) and completed in 2019. I then my orthotic residency in 2020 at a pediatric focused clinic and my prosthetic residency in 2021 at a prosthetic heavy clinic. I obtained my CPO certification shortly thereafter at the very beginning of 2022 once completing my exams. I have been a practicing CPO since then providing care for all levels of prosthetics, adult orthotics, and pediatric orthotics.

While I have enjoyed patient care and taking care of patients, my true desire has lied in the hands-on, fabrication side of O&P. I have decided to take a leap and begin my own central fabrication. 

Choosing to have Wamhoff Mobility Lab fabricate your prostheses and orthoses means that you are choosing to have an experienced practitioner put his best care and concern into fabrication for your patients. I am always available for call, text, or e-mail to ensure that we are communicating effectively and making sure that you, the practitioner, and the patient are taken care of.

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